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Dinosaurs (and Other Topics)

In which the boys regress to eleven years old and talk about dinosaurs. Steven derails them immediately with his overt attraction to James McAvoy, Alex is afraid of Seagulls, and Jez is the only one who actually wants to come up with any real facts.

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Bad TV (And Other Topics)

In which the boys discuss their worst experiences with the bottom of the barrel TV. Jez would rather BE dead than watch The Walking Dead, Steven is misrepresented in Dr Who, and Alex has so much to say the lads have to record an epilogue.

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Unoriginality (And Other Topics)

In which the boys discuss everything in the world they think is unoriginal. Jez, Liam, and Ash have beef with all sorts of your favourite things. Jez is ready to tear his hair out over Dr Who, Liam manages to get things back to Star Wars again, and Ash is way out of his depth because he's never seen anything they want to talk about.

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Superpowers (And Other Topics)

The lads talk about superpowers, skirt nervously around religion, and argue more aggressively than ever before. Jez is prepared to go to supernatural lengths to be the smartest man in the room, Alex can't see the difference between him and Spider-Man, and Steven is revealed as the mundane maestro known only as 'Explosion Boy'.

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