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Pirates (And Other Topics)

In which in the lads become salty dogs on the high seas and talk about Pirates. Jez is being ganged up on, Steven wants to live his best Bisexual life, and Alex is still the research slave. 

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Fantasy (And Other Topics)

In which the boys discuss wizards, books, and the difference between when it's hard and when it's soft. Alex is the official wise wizard of the podcast, Liam's Fantasies involve Henry Cavill, and Ash clearly just wants to escape the podcast and go read Solo Leveling again.

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The Occult (And Other Topics)

In which the boys discuss the Occult to the best of their abilities but... I'll be honest... mostly just make jokes about a wizard that does unspeakable things. Jez is trying to keep things culturally sensitive, Alex has been the one doing all the research (again), Ash knows a guy in a cult? And Liam is stereotyping vikings. 

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Unsolved Mysteries (And Other Topics)

In which the lads discuss unsolved mysteries. The boys delve almost surface deep into some of the unsolved mysteries that have entered their radar, and discover that none of them have a future as a detective. Jez isn't sure if he's heard of anything until he has, Ash has all the answers, Alex is bad at research, and Liam enjoys being (narrative) edged.

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