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The House Of Mouse (and Other Topics)

Jez, straight off of some kind of dangerous and unhealthy drug trip, traps the rest of the lads in the podcast for not the first time. Dragging them through the psychedelia world of the Disney Cartoon 'House of Mouse'. Jez is starting to sound like he's losing his mind, Ash is determined to uncover the Mortimer Mouse conspiracy, Liam hate's evil landlords, and Alex is excited to learn more about the movie Dinosaur.

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Phobias (And Other Topics)

The boys put on their security blankets, close the curtains, and ask each other 'what are you afraid of?' Ash has a friend with an aquatic animosity, Liam is a basic b**** and afraid of spiders, Alex has apparently never heard of a millipede, and Jez wants into the Octagon with the worlds most combat ready primate.

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What’s So Great About Superheroes Anyway?

In which the boys change the rules for making an episode, rag on Hawkeye, and try to figure out just why people need Superheroes. Jez is a Homelander Simp who thinks normal people should just shut up, Steven is the champion of anyone who can't leap tall buildings with a single bound (and straight up delirious), and Ash refuses to just side with whoever is loudest as is tradition. 

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Video Games (And Other Topics)

In which the lads regress back to those whimsical lads from the late 90s and talk about all the video games they played growing up. In a record 5 man podcast; Jez makes numbers go up, Liam is just plain wrong about FF15, Ash loves crystals, Steven has games so he doesn't need friends, and Alex is just 'Doin everything he can, pretending he's a super-man'.

*Guitar Rif*

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