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Planet Of The WHAT? (And Other Topics)

In which the boys crash land on a barren planet and discover it was earth all along, uncover the statue of liberty, and sit in the ashes of civilization asking each other: what animal would do best in a planet of the apes type situation? Alex wants to smoke weed with Pandas, Jez cares more about winning than being funny, Ash exposes Jez’s Komodo Dragon Fake News, and Steven admits to being an octopus...

or F***ing one.

One of the two.

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How Would you Save the World?

In which the lads enter the podcast looking to rise to herodom, but ultimately fail because of who they are as people. Leading to a massive digression about Magic Mike that might just get them on Sylvester Stallone's s*** list. Jez is the Super Hero equivalent of a teenager on Xbox Live, Steven won't stop talking about Mathew Mahogany, and Alex has questions about the rules of No Nut November.

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What Sport Would You Make Extreme?

The lads decide it's time to up the stakes and turn their favourite sports up to eleven. Taking to the field with suggestions on how to bring sports to their perfect form. Ash is so extreme he doesn't show up until half way through, Alex keeps pitching jousting no matter how irrelevant it is, Liam is fascinated by Korfball, and Jez just wants to fix Cricket.

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Conspiracy Theories (And Other Topics)

In which the frogs are gay, the moon isn't real, and the lads can't separate the facts from the fiction. Discussing the enigmatic world of conspiracy theories. Alex wants to hang out in the amphibious gay bars, Ash just wants to congratulate Alex for being part of the team, and Jez gets... 'creative' when discussing religion. 

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