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How Hard is it to Kill A Kid?

Fresh off a marathon of 80s kids films, the boys successfully force the Government Agency that's tracking their confessions to open up a whole new filing cabinet. This week, they ask the incriminating question: How Hard Is it to Kill A Kid? Liam doesn't trust his own hypothetical children, Jez has pointless opinions about a series of children's books, Alex puts in waaay too much effort faking a marriage, and Ash is... very candid about how easy it would be to ACTUALLY kid a child.

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High-School (And Other Topics)

This week the lads are pimpled, skinny, and awkward... what do you mean they're like that all the time? The topic is High-School and the boys have traumatic memories, both for them and for their teachers. Jez was the kind of student that causes early retirements, Alex is pitching Disney Channel classics, Liam is taught about the porn parodies of things he loves, and Ash tells us about his long suffering nickname: "Ash".

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How Would You Steal a Million Dollars?

The boys are replaced this week with their hardened criminal-sonas and plot the perfect heist for stealing 1 Million Dollars with nothing but their own genius. Ash is the getaway driver that cant drive, Jez needs to stop pissing off mob bosses, Liam is worried about the conversion rates, and Alex is definitely the worst criminal in the world.

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Aliens (And Other Topics)

The boys put on their space suits, see lights in the sky, and do their best to avoid getting probed as they discuss Aliens. Steven is a slut in spirit but not in body, Jez doesn't know if he can get consent from the Rancor, Alex wants some extra appendages, Ash believes the anus is the hallmark of life, and Liam needs to learn more about the table of elements.

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