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Star Wars (And Other Topics)

The boys just got back from dive bombing Womp Rats back on Tatooine and decide to swap out their old Power Converters and record a podcast about Star Wars. Jez keeps insisting this is the 'happy positive podcast' about Star Wars, Liam knows too much about Legends, Steven (incorrectly) thinks he's the hero, and Ash is just an angry droid with no friends.

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What Would Be The Anime of Your Life? (PART 2)

This week podcast is having DEJA VU, and they've been in this place before. Higher on the podcast charts, and they know it's their time to goooo.

The Anime of your life part TWO. Jez has seen anime that would mentally cripple a lesser man, Steven is using his gross physique as a weapon in magic football, and Ash has been spouting anime Villain clich├ęs all episode.

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What Would Be The Anime of Your Life?

The boys strap up their mech suits, pull their transformation poses, and then quietly sit down to record a podcast about anime. This week they discuss what their anime lives would be like. Jez is worried about being a British stereotype, Alex wants to see the T.O.W.I.E anime, and Liam is just the same as normal, but BIG.

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Is Santa the One Who Should Be on The Naughty List?

The boys are BACK! After slinging their stockings in the fire and destroying their trees in a 'controlled' explosion they gather around the yuletide wreckage and ask themselves: "Is Santa the One Who Should be On the Naughty List?". Steven breaks the rules and attempts to usurp Jez's Intro, Jez is too busy trying to join the Yule Lads, Ash seems to think most murders are justifiable, and Liam just wants to talk about Santa's brutal bathroom trips.

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