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Wrestling (And Other Topics)

In which the lads slam, flip, and flex as they try and decide how they'd fit into the incredibly masculine world of professional wrestling. In an episode rife with bad ideas and even more sacrilege than normal the Peak Geek boys have no-jokes-barred for their most American episode yet. Liam is their supposed 'expert' today, Alex chooses the path less travelled (and more naked), Ash's multiple personalities are getting each other into trouble, and Jez is just having the most fun.

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The Three Tyrants (And Other Topics)

The boys accidently wander into Narnia, kill Mr Tumnus on sight, and begin the surprisingly quick process of running a Kingdom into the ground. The topic this week is what kind of rulers the podcast boys would make. Needless to say it's not good. Jez gets things off to a bad start with his poorly thought out "Triple King" System, Alex keeps using the Jesus Lion to get out of trouble, and Steven realises very quickly that a Glock will solve most of their problems.

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What Would They Teach At Magic University?

This week the lads don't get their letters to Hogwarts, order themselves a magic Uber, and show up anyway. While Dumbledore is throwing them in the dungeon they decide to record a podcast asking "What Would They Teach At Magic University?". Jez thinks magic is better than Nintendo, Liam was visited by Lockheart and wishes he didn't remember it, Alex brings up his collection of vintage pornography, and Ash is sick of Hermione being such a friggin nerd.

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The Fantabulous Factory Adventure

Disaster strikes this week, Jez is missing, the boys are led on a wild chase into the middle of nowhere. There, in the midst of rural England, they discover the peculiar "Podcast Factory" he left behind. Now, with only their special skills; Bigness, Hearing, Sexual Deviancy, and Animal Handling. They set out to save Jez from himself. 


You, the audience, get to join the four of them on their unexpected adventure as they battle their way through adversity in order to rescue their beloved Podcast Host. 

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