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What’s Your Apocalypse Survival Strategy?

They boys have witnessed the fall of civilization, the death of the world they once knew, but by god they're not going to stop podcasting. Jez is the friendly porn delivery man, Liam thinks the end of the world will help with getting podcast downloads, Ash wants to be a human zoo animal, and Alex doesn't need anything except a humble pair of socks.

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Gritty Reboots (And Other Topics)

This week the boys are HARDCORE TOUGH NO NONSENSE WAAAAARIORS. They serious, dark podcasters talking about serious Gritty Reboots of their favourite things. Jez is seeming terrified of the Teletubbies, Ash is trying to make gritty reboots more soft, Steven is getting censored, Liam just wants to talk about Power Rangers, and Alex? Alex is NOT Shrek.

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Interdimensional Warfare (And Other Topics)

This week the boys put on their uniforms and go to war, then realise they're a bunch of nancy podcasters and record an episode about war instead. Opening a portal between dimensions and immediately causing incidents on a military scale. Now they have to settle these disputes the only way they know how, with a podcast debate. Liam is determined to prove that Space Wizards beat Galactic Diplomats, Jez keeps bringing up a Pokemon genocide, Ash is starting to notice some copyright issues, and Alex has forgotten what a Tie Fighter is.

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