Peak Geek

Born in the heart of lockdown (right in that bit where everyone started to get real weird) and forged in the fires of a ’successful’ student radio show, a podcast was born. The men behind it?

Jez: Who is dumb enough to think he can fistfight a primate.
Liam: A man with more pop culture hatred than sense.
Ash: Winner of a 100 different awards for stubbornness, refused to accept any of them.
Alex: What happens when a bard has negative charisma.
And Steven: Maybe a Bi-rate, definitely horny. Approach at your own risk.
Together they’ve read cuckolding erotica, redefined the biblical Genesis, and admitted to things publicly that they wouldn’t share with their closest family. All in the name of comedy.

Join them on Wednesday afternoons for a podcast that Jez’s mother has described as “A genuinely heinous embarrassment to the family name”.


Episodes Date

They boys have witnessed the fall of civilization, the death of the world they once knew, but by god they're not going to stop podcasting. Jez is the friendly porn delivery man, Liam thinks the end of...
March 17, 2021
This week the boys are HARDCORE TOUGH NO NONSENSE WAAAAARIORS. They serious, dark podcasters talking about serious Gritty Reboots of their favourite things. Jez is seeming terrified of the Teletubbies...
March 10, 2021
This week the boys put on their uniforms and go to war, then realise they're a bunch of nancy podcasters and record an episode about war instead. Opening a portal between dimensions and immediately ca...
March 3, 2021
In which the lads slam, flip, and flex as they try and decide how they'd fit into the incredibly masculine world of professional wrestling. In an episode rife with bad ideas and even more sacrilege th...
February 24, 2021
The boys accidently wander into Narnia, kill Mr Tumnus on sight, and begin the surprisingly quick process of running a Kingdom into the ground. The topic this week is what kind of rulers the podcast b...
February 17, 2021
This week the lads don't get their letters to Hogwarts, order themselves a magic Uber, and show up anyway. While Dumbledore is throwing them in the dungeon they decide to record a podcast asking "What...
February 10, 2021
Disaster strikes this week, Jez is missing, the boys are led on a wild chase into the middle of nowhere. There, in the midst of rural England, they discover the peculiar "Podcast Factory" he left behi...
February 3, 2021
The boys just got back from dive bombing Womp Rats back on Tatooine and decide to swap out their old Power Converters and record a podcast about Star Wars. Jez keeps insisting this is the 'happy posit...
January 27, 2021
This week podcast is having DEJA VU, and they've been in this place before. Higher on the podcast charts, and they know it's their time to goooo. The Anime of your life part TWO. Jez has seen anime th...
January 20, 2021
The boys strap up their mech suits, pull their transformation poses, and then quietly sit down to record a podcast about anime. This week they discuss what their anime lives would be like. Jez is worr...
January 13, 2021

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